Steinach is situated in Bavaria on the western edge of the anterior Bavarian Forest 11 km from the rural district administrative town of Straubing. The terrain is flat only in some parts, otherwise slightly sloping. The fields under cultivation are consolidated in parts, average distance between fields 5 km

340 m
Ø 7.7 °C
Ø 810 mm
orthic luvisol, luvisol, alluvial rendzina
45 – 85

450 ha total
  25 ha breeding area with approx. 4000 plots
 2,3 ha
 1,2 ha
  45 ha
  11 ha

Seed production
Advising our contracted farmers and seed-growing organisation firms advice on cultivation. Preparing and marketing pre-basic, basic and certified seeds of our varieties in Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony.

Packing plant
Blending and packing lawn seeds as service for customers.

Biogas plant
Renewable raw material plant with 360-kW spark-ignition gas engine. Part of the waste heat used in the nearby stud, greenhouse, seed-drying unit and some residential houses.

Maize silage  
Grass silage