Steinach began to focus on forage crops around 1904 and as a result started to breed forage grasses. SAATZUCHT STEINACH was founded in 1920. Since then a string of successful forage grass varieties have been produced that increase forage yield and quality. This in turn has improved meat and milk production for farmers. To achieve this, our breeding programmes use a combination of conventional and the latest biotechnical procedures to ensure our continued success.

In the second half of the last century breeding activities were expanded to create lawn grass breeding programmes as well. The first red fescue lawn grass variety to be registered in Germany was from our own breeding programme. By the new millennium we had varieties of every lawn grass species to cover every need, from ornamental, easy to manage domestic lawns to professional sports pitches and golf courses.

The quality of our varieties is seen in the excellent reputation we have built with landscapers and many satisfied customers.

Today we offer our customers a profitable range of forage and lawn grasses, legumes, green manures as well as specialised crops. On our Steinach’s breeding stations we test the varieties across a wide range of soil and climatic conditions and produce the basic seed. We then multiply the varieties further on our own 4500 ha of land. Valued business partners at home and abroad can have varieties that are produced to suit their own specific requirements and marketing strategies. We offer the possibility of producing „Steinach“ varieties under a license agreement, or we can organise seed production for you depending on your preference.

This service is complimented with agronomic advice to ensure that the varieties are grown to their best ability.

The entire process from breeding, multiplication, processing and marketing is quality controlled internally and externally to ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout. We develop a trusting relationship with wholesale and production companies through our hard work and conviction. This means we can assure that we will always deliver the finest quality seed to our customers and farmers.