Wittelsbacherstraße 15
94377 Steinach
Phone 09428 9419-0
Fax     09428 9419-30

Seat: Steinach
District court Straubing - HRA 6361

General Partner
Saatzucht Steinach Verwaltungs GmbH
District court Straubing - HRB 11513

Managing Director: Dr. Thomas Eckardt
Managing Director: Dr. Heiner Wüsten

Tax office Straubing
VAT: DE815135385

Responsible für contents:
Wittelsbacherstraße 15
94377 Steinach

Phone +49 (0) 9428 9419-0
Fax     +49 (0) 9428 9419-30

Source of photos:
Mirko Runge
Photo Contakt - Photographer Yarik
Photo Press - Photographer Janine Blank
Photo Lawn Grasses/Strong Creeping Red Fescue - Photographer mojime
Photo Wild Rye
Bild zu Lawn Grasses/Sheep´s Fescue
Photo Golden Oat Grass
Photo Lawn Grasses/Perennial Rye Grass

Photo Supina Blue Grass
Bild zu Forage Grasses/Perennial Rye Grass
Background Photo Forage Grasses/Perennial Rye Grass - Fotografin Hilde Vanstraelen
Photo Brown Top Bent

Mark Rasmussen -
Kwest -
cosi -


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